Anthony Romania

Anthony Romania has a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, father of two, USAT certified Level 2 coach, USA Cycling Level 3, F.I.S.T bike fitter, accomplished triathlete and accomplished Ironman. He is a founding board member of the Landis Tri club and the current president of the Landis Tri Club.

He has been actively pursuing triathlon since 1987 having completed over 275 multi-sport events and is a 26 time Ironman!!!

Even before he became certified by USAT as a coach and certified as a Bike fitter, he was always helping others be more efficient in the water, climb better and faster on the bike, and run longer and faster. He takes a personal involvement with each and every athlete and wants to see them regularly during the week. He does not do plan only by email. He feels that not seeing the person is a negative impact on the coaching experience. He has been known to send athletes home due to illness, lack of heart response to activity, the look on their faces or their eyes. In the end, they all thanked him for doing so even though they were mad at him at the moment. He truly cares for each individuals well-being.

He became certified as a USAT coach in 2011 and became certified as a bike fitter in 2012. He has taken numerous courses on cycling with power, video analysis for all sports, bike handling skills, swimming skills, running skills, trainer workouts, workout periodization, nutrition and many more. He has also taken several bike fitting courses to enhance his expertise and understanding to prioritize comfort and power.

As a preference, he loves to coach first timers and beginners for sprint and Olympic distances events. His specialty is long course coaching from anything Olympic to ultra-ironman events.

His philosophy is a mixture of high intensity intervals and long slow distance workouts. He is a firm believer in using both heart rate and power for training.