In 2016 Maria started training for her first Ironman.  Relying on her friends, family and the Landis Tri Club team she built a support system she calls her wolf pack.  As she went through the day of her first Ironman and when she crossed the finish line she saw how invested they were in her journey and how invested she was in their journey.  Because of her wolf pack she wanted to give back the support she received and touch the lives of other athletes on their road to triathlon.

2018 begins the mark of Wolfpack Multi-sport Coaching, where we value the relationship between athlete and coach.  Like the wolf pack, we know the importance of friends & family in our lives and how each member of the pack is important to the success of the individual and the pack.  Your support system is important to us and we want to help you build and balance that system.

team photo

Wolfpack Multi-sport operates with Landis Tri Club in Tempe where we build friendships through the sport.  With Wolfpack Multi-sport Coaching you’ll have the opportunity to build friendships with other like minded individuals and grow your skills as a triathlete.